No Such Thing As The News is a topical BBC panel show in which four QI researchers Dan, James, Anna and Andy discuss the most interesting news stories from the last week.

No Such Thing As The News is based on the hit QI podcast No Such Thing As A Fish, available on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify. Click here to find out more and listen to an episode.

Ferrero Rocher buys one-third of the world’s hazelnuts.


Physicists in Canada believe each black hole may contain an entire universe.


The amount of Nutella produced each year is enough to model 22,000 Big Bens.


German scientists have built implants that allow Mongolian gerbils to hear light.


The world’s smallest restaurant, in Finland, has a capacity of two – plus two more on the terrace, weather permitting.


Saturn and its sixth largest moon, Enceladus, transmit pulses of plasma energy to one another that can be converted into weird music.

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Compiled by John Lloyd & John Kelly

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